Is she embarrassed of me?

I'm a guy, I'm 16 a junior in high school. There's this girl Crystal in my civics class who I really like. And I found out we also have lunch together (she never really came outside much so I never saw her until last Monday). Just to make things clear I did not stalk her, we met two weeks ago in civics and when I was with my friends outside I saw her and said hey and we've been hanging out together the past couple days. I just want to set the tone, I've never had a girlfriend and have been rejected twice in two years, but I've been putting myself through a lot of pain at gym to get strong, for me to get strong I must consider pain not a factor and so I have. She's beautiful and very sweet, and my female friend Alex who knows her said she's single, so I will take the shot. Yesterday when we were outside next to each other I slowly put my hand against hers, she played along and we linked fingers. It was nice but when my friend Alysha was coming she let go. Why did she let go? Is she embarrassed?


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  • Awww! You sound like a really nice guy and stop freaking out over this, just relax and breathe. Now learn something girls are complicated, and we so things sometimes without thinking. Now is she embarrased of you, no not likely. She probably did that because she was shy. And most likely because she was embarrased of what they might tell her since you haven't told her that you like her she probably though they where gonna start asking questions about your hands linked together and let go. Just tell her how you feel and become boyfriend and girlfriend so she won't be shy when people ask see you and ask things like this. Good luck and i hope everything turns out great!


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  • i think she was.


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