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I'm an 8th Grader, and I moved to a new school in my area. This is the seco/. nd school I moved to becuase the my old one was to far away. Onmy first day of school I meet a guy. At first I didn't think I would like him but after awhile I started liking him. So I got his kik and texted him, and surpisingly he didn't freak out whe i got it. For about an hour we texted, we talked about how we differ whe we're in School and at Home and i noticed that we have the same mind set and we think alike. But after awhile we didn't talk because he would'nt text back. I did ask him about it and he said that he is busy around the time we leave school. In school he is known to be a playboy, but he doesn't seem to flirt with ever girl just date them. But one day i told him i liked him and he said he already knew. After some days we was switched to my table in class , and sometimes he teases me by calling short, saying I can't drive. Just last week he called me Sweetheart but I think it was a joke. So what do you guys/ girls think?


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  • As a freshman in high school, I do hear what ur saying. But all I'm saying is don't let him think that he can easily take your dignity and your passion for him. Because my girlfriend thought of this too and i told her that i would never do anything like that to her. So talk to him about the problem, and if it dosent solve itself, break up with him

  • All I'm going to say, don't let him play you. Tell him what you want, or let him make a move. Just be safe


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