Does he like me?

So i like this guy and someone asked him if we are going to date and he said I don't know everyone needs to just stop asking that.. Is this a bad thing?
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  • If he didn't like you he probably would have said no. But the fact that he didn't say no may be a good sign. However, just from this I can tell that he is tired of being asked about it and people need to stop. Because if they don't stop asking, chances are they will ruin any possible relationship with him for you.

    • Okay im trying to get them to stop but they know we are talking and its just frustrating

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  • That guy may see you as his 'someone special' but maybe he's not sure if you see him the same way and he's scared how would you take it if people ask u about u and him dating and ur not and if his friends ask him that DAT means he likes you and may have told his frnds and they wanna know if he won ur heart or not.
    Hope I'm helpful.💜.

  • I honestly wouldn't know what to make of it.

    He's probably dealing with some issues right now. Try asking him out directly, later on.

  • he likes you.

    • I just dont know because i assumed he doesn't if he said I don't know

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