Question about the touch barrier?

im just curious, so this guy and i sorta have this flirty vibe thing going on and he always sits beside me in lecture. I've been noticing that if our arms or legs are touching neither one of us pulls away. when we were talkign with his friensd, i stood right beside him with our shoulders touching and he didn't move away (it was the first time i met any of his friends). he always leans in when talking to me and he gives me hugs goodbye or a cute little tap to say bye. if he wasn't interested would be angling his body the other way? would he try and stand farther away from me so not to give any signs of interest when i met his friends? im just cutrious


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  • Test the waters a little, all it takes is you leaning against him a little, or even your hand on his. If he moves away, wait and try again.

    • im going to try being a little more daring. like if i lean over to look at something on his screen ill put my hand on his arm. i think the hand part is a little forward though since im not sure if he's into me or not

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  • He is flirting with you.

    • i know that he's flirting with me, but im not sure of his intentions.

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    • this always happens to me. i find a great guy and then this happens. im so sick of it

    • Things really aren't any easier on this side of the fence.

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