He likes me because I am stable is this a good thing?

The guy I am dating dated this girl we both know last year who is crazy.

He was kissing me and he said to me "You're very stable. I like that about you."

hmm is that good? I mean guys don't want to marry a looney.


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  • I think that being stable is amazingly good. Stable people don't create or run towards drama. Stable people, in my opinion, cause you no trouble and can focus on what they want or what others want, simply put, they are stable enough to function. It's a great thing :) Don't worry.

  • Uh I don't think it is. It sounds like he just wants a break from the crazy by settling for you.

    • Why would any guy want a nut for

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    • Ok don't get so defensive. I'm just telling you how I would take it. You're in the situation. You would know better...

    • There's a line between crazy fun and crazy psycho. He also said I am very passionate and fun.

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