What makes a relationship an emotional affair?

Do you think you can actually have an emotional affair with someone online? Someone you have never met?


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  • That's difficult to say. I personally believe it's the actual body to body interaction that stimulates feelings and emotion. And attraction, for that matter. There's no way to possibly know all about someone, unless you could sit with them in a coffee shop or something, and just talk. There really is no substitute. Consider, if you would, the countless number of people with bad intentions, who are prepared to do horrible and weird things, and they safely hide behind a veil of internet. Could you really believe someone was a fireman, just because they told you so? And that's only one example. Giving vital information out, like the town you live in, or how old you are, is risky, even though it seems vague. I'm not saying it's impossible entirely. A very good example is my father and stepmother. They met online, have been married for upwards of seven years, still very happy, and she's a wonderful person. It's a coin toss, in my opinion. You may end up getting lucky, finding happiness and completion on heads...but then again, it's just as likely to land on tails...and there are WAY too many unfortunate and horrible possibilities to mention for tails. I truly hope this has helped.

  • I'm against it, but yeah - it's possible for people to have emotional affairs.

    If your current relationship is suffering from drama (bills / stress / work / etc) and feels close towards failure; yet your "online date" seems to be thriving in these harsh times (laughter / relaxation / etc). Then the person who is initiating the search for a "new partner" is in the wrong.

    I see nothing wrong with finding new friends; though when the person involved pursues a relationship with these "new friends" - it crosses the line into cheating.


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