How to flirt on Snapchat and at school?

So I've been talking to this freshman girl (I'm a sophmore), Harmony. She's absolutely gorgeous, she's co-captain of the cheerleading squad, and she is a bit of a tomboy (i. e. likes ACDC, Football, etc.). Now here's the thing, I'm a chubby 6'1" 250 lbs offensive lineman (granted I have a barrel chest so my chub is not as bad as you'd expect) and am sort of socially awkward around really cute girls (unless they're my very best friends) and I am the worst flirter in history. All I have is her snapchat.
Guys, what are some good pickup lines I can use over snapchat?
Girls, what can a chubby guy, who most beautiful girls will never give a chance, do to get you to start liking him?
Any other advice that would help, please mention. Thanks


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  • My husband is a "chubby" guy. he's really good to me. He always treats me with the upmost respect and we have a lot in common. He also tells really bad jokes. Those are the things that won me over. I've also just always been more attracted to his body type. You both obviously like football so talk about that to start with.
    The more comfortable around each other the easier it will be to start conversations and flirting with each other. Being friends first is going to be your best bet here.


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  • My advice is to not use pick up lines or try to be a flirt.

    Chances are she gets that all day and every day. You'll just be grouped into the other bunch of dudes she constantly rejects.

    You gotta stand out from the group. Find out her what she's really passionate about, and challenge her views.

  • What do your recent texts look like?

    • Mostly just small talk about school, how freshman year has been going, but I'm not talking to her too cause I'm trying to stay out of the friend zone

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