I'm confused as hell?

It all started when I made out with a friend of a friend a couple months ago at a party. I had known her for a couple of years but we didn't talk much. She is very beautiful and has a smoking hot body, but she's a little bit awkward, more of a quiet kind of girl, not that i don't like it, she realy stands from the crowd, she's one of a kind. We had so much fun together and i got to know her pretty well due to the party being so boring, we talked all night and it ended pretty well. I texed her the day after and got no answer, being very curious i asked her friend; she was back with her ex. I din't mind it that much guessing it was just a one-night thing.

I was out on vacation all summer, when i came back she started texting me again. She keeps asking if i got weed. I'm a well known stoner. We blaze together two or three times a week, we mostly smoke her stuff, rarely mine (im broke as fuck right now) When we have our smoke sessions she seems pretty distant, she sits on the other corner of the couch and rarely makes eye contact and that makes me think she doesn't want to be more than friends. On the other hand, she always dresses up as nice as possible and use plenty of make up when we just hang in my room or hers, so there's no need to be that dressed up. I was thinking about making a move but it is almost impossible if she isn't even near me half the time. She also started texting me 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks, i sometimes find it a little annoying but i like talking to her. I can't seem to figure out this girl. I know this will sound silly, but she licks the paper while rolling a joint in a overly sexy way, i guess that must also mean something, right? Help me out here please, what can i do?

BW; we are both 19, and we live in holland, so weed is legal with a medical presctiption. I suffer from panic attacks and weed is sacred in that situation, so no judging :)


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  • Foot rub is your next move


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