Should I approach my cursh? If so, how?

So I'm in my junior year of high school and because up until now, I've been super focused on my studies and my other activities, I never even wanted to approach anyone even if I felt somewhat attracted to them but I'm a shy person in general so even if I wanted to, it'd be super hard for me, but this year, I have this guy in one of my classes, he is a senior, he is on the football team and he is super good looking! Therefore, sometimes I feel like he might be waaaay out of my league but the thing is yea, I might have noticed him in the first place bc of his looks but the reason I feel attracted to him is because of the way he carries himself, and how he treats other people and he just makes me want to get to know him. So I really want to take on a different turn this year but I feel like I shouldn't even waste my energy on him bc he is just so out of my league lol I mean, I don't think that I'm that bad. A lot of people say that I'm cute and nice, but unlike other girls my age, I'm not super flirtatious. I am super social with my friends but I'm not very good at interacting with new people. So should I approach him? If so, how?

by the way I'm on the school's dance team so sometimes we dance in the football games, I don't know if this helps at all but yea that's about the only common thing that we have beside our 1 mutual class lol


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  • Do not ask if you should approach your crush. The answer is always "yes" unless he completely hates you. I would start out as being confident, dress nice, and be neat. There is no such thing as "out of your league". This "out of league" feeling is only an illusion that you set for yourself that only separates you and him apart. I am glad to hear that you are super social with your friends as many young guys do like girls who have a social life with friends.

    I would try to approach him when he is relatively alone, perhaps during break. Ask if he would like to have lunch with you (or with you and your friends. beware that your friends may rat you out). Start with something that you two can relate to. Talk about your dance team and then ask him about how is his football practice, likes/dislikes, practice experience. Talking about school is relatively safe as he must have something to talk about.

    Be confident. Don't forget to smile. Don't treat him like a God or else you will naturally fail.

    • Thank you so much for your response! :)
      I have a tiny issue tho. I can never ever find him alone because he is always with his fellow football players and I feel like asking him to hang out when we have barely ever talked before would be a bit weird :/
      But yes, you're completely right! I really do need to get rid of my "out of league" illusion lol

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