Guys I have a questions for you all Is He falling For Me? It's a long Story, But could use some opinions please, and advice?

we met in oct 2014 in his town, he approached me, we talked, he askd if I had facebook, I gave him my details, went home (Longdistance) we spoke evryday since I left, we began with shortish chats, and things started to build we spoke upto 5 hours at times. He told me he liked me, he said when he saw me, there was something about me, that made him want to come over (I am shy), he told me about a month after he said he was starting to care for me, and thinking about me daily. (went to see him in jan 2015,)
our first date, he was nervous, figgety, didn't try anything, just kissed me goodnight after walking me back. At end of June we had a fight, he said he didn't care, he didn't have any feelings for me, and told me not to message him and bye, he had told me a month b4 he was losing his job, and he was having problems with the family too. After he said these things I sent him a message saying that I knew this wasn't the real him, and something must have made him upset. I didn't message him after that night, I wanted to leave it upto him.
Two weeks ago, he got in contact with me on facebook, I asked him why he had come back now, he said he thought about me, he missed me, I hurt you, but want another chance with you. He apologised and said that he was sorry he hurt me.
I said if he wanted a new start show me that, Im not waiting for you to message me when you feel like it, I am looking for a real relationship, he replied that he wanted to start slow. I sent him a further message saying I've come to a decision.
You wanted a new start with me, That starts with you meeting me, if you say yes great, if you say no, i'm moving on to meet someone new and I mean it, if you care about me, you will meet or i'm really gone. Its your last chance. I got a reply, I would love to see you, don't want to miss out on this last chance.
Since that day, he has msgd me evryday , and keeps asking to when he can see me, he always initiates contact, comes on frequently daily, and keeps asking w
Asking when I am coming. Does it seem like he's falling for me?
Asking to see me


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  • "That starts with you meeting me". I interpret that as him coming to visit you, but then you say he keeps asking when I am coming. If he wants you, he should be making the effort to see you, unless I missed something.


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