How do I approach girls at concerts?

I love concerts and I think it's an easy conversation material for when I talk to a girl, but lately I've been having trouble approaching them at concerts! This happened to me recently and it's still fresh in my head:

I don't get what I could have done better? Towards the end of the concert I found a super cute girl standing by herself and I managed to wiggle through the crowd and stand near her. I couldn't say anything cause music was playing. After the last song, everyone's still deaf and there's some still background noise, I walked towards the exit with her and was gonna say something to her outside to get a convo going and then she met up with her dad right there and yeah.. she was super cute too :(

ALSO a lot of the time girls hang with a friend in groups, like I have zero clue what to do when a trio of girls are hanging out at a concert

Keep in mind gag community when reading my question.. I go to concerts alone mostly. Makes it more motivation to talk to people and I don't have the same schedule as my friends
  • Wait till music settles
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  • Just approach them during the music
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  • Other (post what )
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  • I think girls seeing guys alone they avoid you. I've been in the same situation and could never get them to talk with me they just stuck with their friends. You could talk about the music or in my mind ask where they are from if they don't find it creepy.

    • i wouldn't say exactly that they avoid guys alone. plus they can't tell if you're alone unless you hang in the corner by yourself.

      anyway what do you mean by not get them to talk with you? like get them to actually engage you in conversation? or you mean get them to say something to you first?

    • I was by myself and we had set seats so they knew I was alone. I tried talking and they said a few words and just went back talking to their friends the rest of the time.

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