What should I do for our anniversary?

My one year anniversary is coming up in a little more than a week. So far I have a little scavenger hunt in the woods where we normally take our walks with balloons of each month we've been dating filled with little memories from each month. They'll be lined along the path leading to me where I'll be waiting by a pond with a poster, a painted pumpkin, and a letter I wrote that I'll be reading aloud to him. The only problem is I have no idea what to get him as a gift. He's a total gamer but I still don't know what to get him. Help!


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  • If you're sure he will appreciate--and, somehow, reciprocate--all that TLC, then you don't need to buy him any object. That experience is more than enough of a "gift." :)

    Let me just gently suggest that you consider things a bit carefully, because the guy is rare who would or could "take in" that kind of experience in quite the way a young lady might want him to. Are you sure you want him to walk that path alone, and relive those memories alone, while you're waiting elsewhere? If I were the guy--and this is just me--I would want it to be a mutual experience, and I would want to walk that path with the lady who laid it out for me. :) Good luck with your anniversary.

    • He and my friend have thought of something to do for his part of our anniversary. He knows me pretty well so I think it'll be just wonderful. I want it to be super special because I am his first girlfriend. The event is taking place in a park that we go to very often and we take many walks along the paths. It's just our thing, you know? I think he's taking me on a hike of some sort. It's going to be an amazing day for us.

    • Cool. Hey drop a line here if you feel like it to let us know how it went. :) And good luck.

  • As a gamer my self we have our gaming setup so you can make it better you can buy him some poster or buy his favorite drink food and buy him a game he's been wanting and play with him most guy's including me we really not like or care about gifts we just like to see who ever we're dating happy


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