How come as soon as you get in a relationship everyone wants you?

I've been single for the longest time and i finally met a girl that i didn't really even like i just felt bad for myslef being all alone... i needed somebody.. i didn't care who it was what the distance was i just needed someone to tell me i was handome and loved.

I admit she did tell me she loved me but it was like that day we first started dating and it was too fast, i said it back and it was empty words it was too fast...

And about 2 weeks after we were dating.. 2 girls i knew messaged me flirting with me and i didn't flirt back i felt bad not only those 2 but there's this new girl in my class i know we got really close on her 1st day there (unlike me and my current girlfriend) and if she would have came 2 weeks ago i would have fell for her, and a couple more girls that are talking to me now, i don't know if they like me but all of a sudden they notice me

Like as soon as i become taken everyone iis willing to date me?

Has this happened to you before?

And i don't want to say i dont like my girlfriend but all she ever does is ask for pictures of me constantly and talk about how her day went and cry to me about her ex's..

I think this was a mistake i don't want to hurt her but i don't think we're in love...


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