Girl calls me immature because I didn't want to be friends with her after dating a bit?

I was dating a girl and I felt mislead by her. I thought she wanted a relationship. I noticed that as soon as I became too available she became less available. And when I became less available she became more available. I was not angry with her because she rejected me. I was angry with her because she didn't make the situation clear with me. She would contact me expecting dates and I planned them. Now if I go with someone on a date I would expect a clear honest answer at the end or at least for the other person to make their intentions clear which to me she seemed like she didn't. I told her this and the fact that I don't want to be friends with someone that pretty much lied to me. She got angry and called me immature and said that men and women can be friends. This felt controlling to me and really rude. I mean you can.'t force a friendship with someone. I already have enough friends and a job, I need the spare time for a girlfriend. Was she a brat?


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  • Men and women can be friends , but only if there is mutual respect and trust. You felt misled and lied to , so you don't have the trust. She misled you and lied so she has little respect for you.

    People often throw the word " immature" at you in order to control you , so you do as they want. Cutting someone out of your life who is playing you, misleading you , lying , and causing you to feel confused about their intentions is a wise thing to do... not immature

    If i don't know where i stand with someone then i stop " standing" and start walking... far away from them. Life is too short to have people in your life who have a negative affect on you.

    I surround myself with people who i can trust. Not people who don't have my best interests at heart 😊

    • Thank you for the MHO 💐😊

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  • please, she's clearly playing games. she's clearly the immature one here.


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  • Bro, i was exactly in the same situation as u,
    such girls are gold diggers, they want to go out with u on dates but dont have time to talk on message or on phone...
    leave them bro, they are bitches, thank god u got saved...
    just forget about her,,,,
    a real girl who genuinely likes u, won't want to go on dates as much instead she will brag u to talk to her on email, text or on phone , to connect with u emotionally...

  • People often accuse others of the very thing they hate most about themselves. Get away from her.


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