Attraction vs love?

I am dating this girl, i am not very attracted to her based on look but i get everything i asked for in her. Smart, caring, funny, independent, and etc. She bring me food to eat while i am at work which is one of sweetest thing any girl did for me. Should one deal breaker beat everything else?


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  • Lools aren't everything , honey. If she treats you well , who cares? Would you rather have someone you're attracted to and treats you like absolute shit , just not caring , cheats , whatever , etc. Or would you rather have someone who you're not that attracted to but is loving and kind etc towards you?


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  • Nah man. Sounds like a KEEPER. U can find easy sluts who look pretty on outside everyday but with shitty personalities walking around as the norm today for women.

    Finding a girl with those traits however is a gold mine. Just fix her up (gym, makeup tips and stuff) and you'll be good.


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