What's the best place to meet asexual girls?

I wanna meet asexual girls and date them even though I'm not asexual myself. I just don't know where I can meet them. I'm not asexual but I can still live without sex so I'd love to meet asexual girls and get a chance to date them.
Anyone else?


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  • Are you fetishizing asexuality? Because that's weird and sounds a little dangerous. Like, asexual people have enough problems with corrective rape and don't need any more of that.

    • As if other people who aren't asexual don't get raped. -____-

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    • Well you can start by putting yourself back on tracks first.

    • @DuckDodgers24th you're just trying to be contrary. Bye.

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  • Asexual people aren't attracted to anyone. They don't want to date.

    I think you mean celibate. People who are attracted to people but who don't have sex.

    • That's not strictly true. Asexual people are not sexually attracted to anyone. There is still a measure of attraction necessary for being friends with someone, etc. Asexual people still can date and get married (if they so choose) but they are not sexually attracted tk anyone.

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    • Asexual people want to date and have romance, just not participate in any sexual activities.

    • Most don't want romantic relationships with people. Would you want a romantic relationship with a chameleon? You're not attracted to chameleons are you? Same thing. It doesn't make sense and most wouldn't. You'd be better off finding a woman who actually likes you and is attracted to you. I don't believe asexual people who want romantic relationships exist unless they have other motives you don't know about or they aren't asexual.

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  • I think it would work out better if u dated a pansexual girl.

  • There's website for dating asexuals. Search it on google~


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