Should I ask this girl out or not bother?

I've known her for four years now and we've had an interesting relationship. We were definitely into each other at first, but never dated. From then we kinda acted like a couple, and kinda acted like friends. Sometimes she tried staying in touch with me, sometimes I tried staying in touch with her. Eventually, over the course of last year, we drifted apart, some of that was of my choosing. We did see each other over the summer though. Anyway, we haven't spoke in a month, and, I'm kinda bored now, should I ask her on an actual date?


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  • She does not find you attractive. 4 years and she has not shown much interested outside in making sure her beta orbiter still followed her around like a puppy dog.

    • So, I should get revenge? And, you grossly overestimate my feelings for her, usually she asked me to do something and I went along with it because I had nothing to do, after freshman year I was always more into some other girl, you really shouldn't make judgements on something you don't know about. Beta Orbiter? Beats being a goddamn jackass

    • Let say gets butt hurt when someone makes an analysis based on data you provide. Sounds beta to me. Also yeah.. I'll make assumptions and give my opinion based on what you've provided for me.

  • Yeah man. Do it. Maybe then you can quit complaining about not getting any action.


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