Is he loosing interest or is it just me?

I'm gonna try break this down into chronological steps:

1. started new place at work, met new guy, we really clicked.
2. guy started touching me, hugging, arms round, touching knee when sitting when we went out with work friends to pub. Work friends encourage how well suited we are. After, he couldnt get home so I invited him home- No sex, very gentlemanly (He insists by that) and we cuddled that's it.
5. went for coffee next morning, had a deep conversation about our backgrounds and childhood.
6. other people at work notice- woman teases him about it and gossip spreads to even more people. he claims he doesn't care people knowing, just gets annoyed at the woman spreading the gossip.
This week:
7. Behaviour at work hasn't really changed, but less intense- we never have a moment to ourselves and now everyone knows we feel were being watched all the time. He still meets me in the staffroom before work and tries to catch me before I leave at the end of the day.
8. I mention the idea of another date- we had mentioned an idea on the last date but I try and organise it, he says he's too busy with work he has to do at home (we have lots) and orchestra etc.
9. messaging still continues, some flirting but still not as much as it was last week.
10. went out for a meal with one other work friend cause we worked late- work friend asked us if we were dating- we didn't answer, just sat awkwardly. however quote from other part of the conversation from him "It's still early days yet".
11. he still messages me often but he's not suggesting other dates at the moment.

About him: Very chatty, very popular, very charming, gets a lot of attnetion from other women, physically fit. Touches people a lot to establish connection- e. g a nudge, a hand on the arm etc. Friends with a lot of girls. insists on old fashioned chivelry. Knows what women like- almosgt too good to be true?

I just want to hear some opinions and what he might be thinking at this point, where are we going?


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  • I hate ambiguity. I would probably go to her and explain to her how I feel like she's fading away. I would tell her I like her and would like to date her and want to know what she thinks of it. It would be her chance to either tell me that she is interested but has been preoccupied or that she is not interested anymore. At least, I'd know where I stand.


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  • Sounds like the gossips got to him and he is reevaluating a work romance :(


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  • Sounds like the high is over and life happened. Wouldn't say that's losing interest, though.


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