Is she a gold digger or a genuine girl?

A girl was showing non verbal signs that she likes me for about 1 month,,,
i decided to make a move...
1. In between the classes, during the break, i was going out with my male friends , so i asked her , do u want something to eat?
2. she said, can i come with u?
3. i said , since i have a lot of male friends, the space is less in the car,
4. she said, then its ok
5. i asked her to send me email , and i gave her my email , its been a week, she did not mail me...

I assume that she said , "can i come with u" was becoz she wanted to see, what car i drive...
becoz she always checks the brand of shirts i wear, the shoes i wear, she looks at them from the corner of her eye...

so is she a gold digger or just a genuine girl?
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  • She is not a gold digger, she genuinely likes me.
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I forgot to add, she belongs to a very rich family, she comes to classed in audi, bmw cars.


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  • That doesn't mean she is a gold digger IF you are right it just means she is shallow. A gold digger is a person of little means looking for someone who makes considerably more than them. She is not a person of little means. She may be looking to date within her class or you might just be paranoid because you know she comes from a rich family.

    My hunch is that your car isn't as nice as hers and you are afraid she'll judge you for it.

    • you are absolutely right.

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  • I can't even vote on the poll because of the options. Why do guys who have no money think every girl is a gold digger?

    Seems like you only have two categories for women when it comes to romance.

    She likes me = not a gold digger
    Doesn't like me = gold digger

  • I think she's genuine


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