What should I get him for his B-day?

I have this guy friend that I really care about. we met a year ago in our freshman year of college. He is turning 23 in just a few days and I want to get him something special. We aren't officially dating so I dont want it to be something weirld. some of the things he's into is classical music, theather, broadway, basketball and baseball, football. we are LDS (mormon) so it has to be something appropriate too. Also, if anyone has an idea of a cute date I'd like to hear about it. :)


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  • Something useful, something that he can use that he does not currently have.

  • what ehymes with b-day? b-jay... .

    • Im not saying he'd complain but he's Mormon and wants to wait til marriage for anything like that

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    • Actually I was catholic but when I started college I was in a small town in Utah so I was taught about the church and I converted. He's the one who baptized me.

    • oooook. i guess every person is unique. but it honestly strikes strange to me how someone can leave catholicism for an even more heretic dogma (no offense but its weird)

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