Should I give it a shot 'AGAIN' ?

i know a guy via dating app 3 months ago and since then we always texting (never met yet). At first he always initiate contact, but i was not that interested. I dunno how but a month after we r getting closer, the conversation just flows. lately, i realized that for 2 weeks it was always me who initiate the contact and i got tired of it but i never asked him. I asked him at the first time why i haven't heard from him for 2 days (after 2 days waiting him to contact me, i gave up and texted him first). He said his friend from home came visiting. the second week, this was the worst. Cos he finally decided to meet up. 4 days before the day, i did not want to start text and he didn't even try to text me a day before the date!!! I was so angry, so i back out, i didn't want to meet again. He texted me for 2 days bout the date and i never answered. We did not text anymore until today.

Today i text him (I could not help it, i miss him). But i really am scared being too attached again, so i always reply him shortly. I know guys dont like texting so usually it was me talking a lot and brought up topic. But then again when i text him shortly just like today, he always reply long and try to trigger me to talk more. 3 months texting with him i know that he uses that text app only for me (we exchange numbers and use a chat app). I know this cos the app shows his online history. During texting also he always reply my message asap (in seconds or 5 minutes gap at max). First time knowing each other he sometimes talked bout naughty stuffs, i told him i didn't like it. So since then he only brought up normal stuffs. And today i told him that i might do short holiday, he showed a lot interest the possibility of him joining me.

Is he really interested on me?
why didn't he bring up the matter why i suddenly stop contacting him and back out from our date?
should i give it a shot again? Inviting him to join me in holiday?
should i told him directly that i want him to sometimes text me first?
Dont bother. Wth this get to sex category lol. I definitely choose another category before posting


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  • Give it a shot and see what happens. Also tell him how you feel about the texting part. And see if he wants to be with you for holiday.

    • Ty so much. And do u think he is interested on me? And also i keep wondering why doesn't he ask me about the reason i suddenly contacting him few weeks ago and back our from our date? Should i brought up this topic too to him later?

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    • Thank you again very much. Today He actually the one started asking first the reason i backed out from our date, so i decided to be straightforward about the text issue. He said he didn't realize it and apologized. He said he miss me lol (its not an excuse by the way, cos he said it before we did the serious talk)... Good progress hahaha (after 3 months damn)

      We decided to schedule weekend getaway together to meet lol. Ty again!

    • Lol, your very welcome. I am glad that you talked things out with him. Communication is always key. I am glad that your seeing him and spending time with him. Good luck with everything.

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