I really need some help and advice on this girl I've been dating for over a yr going 2 ?

Honestly onestly need help here. I've been dating this girl for over a year. we have a great time we have a lot in common and connection. I've been very consistent bring or send her flowers every two weeks or at least twice a month , cook for the most part she's a doctors never have time when I come over , take her out romantic dinners dates I mean I treat her more than a queen I do it all. Now every now and then like almost every 3or 4 months she'll. text me saying she doesn't want the relationship any more because she's still caught in her past or has feelings or something for her ex. but then a few hrs later or a day or two she runs back or calling like crazy and then everything. Goes back to normal having fun great time she's done this like 4 times. its like some kind of mind games. she did it last week again then everything was back to normal. But now I'm not responding to her text or calls. last night she said "dangg u ignoring me now? is it like that. understood" as much as I want her in my life I dont want respond. She knows I love her and I've told that multiple times. how do I handle this I really care and love her. im almost letting to let go but it hurts


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  • I'm so sorry this is happening to you :( it's clear she's not ready for a relationship, that's why she can't seem to appreciate you more.

    Honestly, you deserve someone who is dedicated to you. Break ups are hard and sooooo painful, but it's just as painful to be so dedicated and passionate for someone whose heart is somewhere else.

    I'd say talk to her one more time and be very very straightforward. Tell her "I want to be with you, but I'm tired of coming in second. I love you but if you're not able to dedicate yourself to me the way i dedicate myself to you I don't think I could do this anymore."

    If her response is something you feel you can trust, maybe consider it. If it's more excuses... then I'm very very sorry :(

  • you should let go.


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