Should I wait and just see where it goes or keep my options open?

So here's the situation I meet this guy @ coaches training for soccer four weeks ago, we've only hungout twice, talked a lot over messages (I help him out a lot as far as personal issues and studies are concerned) (he needs me more so than i need him) but in the last four weeks he was gun hold about flirting with me , though he made a mistake. He told me he likes me and sees dating me longterm but at the same time he's into another girl that he's known for a year and feels bad if he doesn't give her a chance. He says he's keeping his options open with her and I but doesn't want to hurt me in anyway. Im fine with the whole situation since im trying to focus on my studies and not really looking to date at the moment. so i told him from the beginning lets take things slow and get to know each other see where things go. He didn't quite listen to me and now realize now that he messed up by taking things way too fast, so we're back to taking things slow. My deal is if he wants to date me longterm but we're not dating as of right now and we're just friends, I'm going to feel bad if by the time he wants to date me I don't give him a chance or am dating someone else. he doesn't want me to get my hopes up but he's the one saying he likes me and sees something there. I haven't said I liked him but I did tell him I was willing to give him a chance if I was ready to date by then. Though it's kind of one of those deals where before this year I was notorious about not giving guys chances.
So that same guy told me to keep my options open so I'm doing just that and now I'm talking to two guys. Both talk to me everyday-sometime I start the conversation some time they do, thereally both very respectable guys etc.


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  • I think to wait a little and see where things go may be best.


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