Guys, Would an ex exploit you?

So I dated this guy we weren't official but we talked from January til like the end of May. During that time we'd send nudes to each other and so forth. But then he had the nerve to I guess cheat on me with another girl. So my friend decided to sc the girl messages of us to get her mad but she never opened it at the time and I don't know if she has. But in June I told him I was done with him and blocked his number Since then he's been with that girl and dealing with their issues. The problem is for me is that he's met my parents and he knows how strict they are and I don't know if he'd stoop to that level and tell them. What do you guys think?


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  • If he is a real man then he won't tell your parents. His only motive would revenge or to get back at you. I wouldn't expose none of my ex's. Im not that type of guy that would want to hurt or mess up somebody's life out of spite or revenge.

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    • I would leave him alone tbh. But if you think he would befriend you and want to be friends then go for it and try it. I would do it if my ex would want to be friends with me.

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  • I would personally not expose any of my ex no matter how badly they treated me most guy's won't either but if he really love you that wouldn't ever pop up on his mind don't worry

  • Personally for me, I'd never expose my ex. Despite how mad. How hurt or how fucked up the relationship was. There is that fact where by the two of you were a thing before he decided to play asshole

    If he stooped to such level. You know what kind of person he is. Someone you should never place your trust in

    It can go 2 ways,

    Either he wants to get back to you for making him feel like shit. Which I personally think that's just absurd as he 'cheated' on another girl behind your back

    Or he quietly shuts up and not do anything about it

  • It is most definitely possible.

    • Okay cause I did talk to him recently and he was telling me that by talking to him made him feel like shit and that he was sorry and didn't want to talk to me.

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