Am I too conservative?

I REALLY like this guy, and I think he liked me too at one point. I'm scared he might think that im
pushing him away. He knows I like him. He always asked me to dance with him and hug him, but my family is very religious and anti-boy so I felt uncomfortable. Is that a big turn off?


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  • Well, you're pushing him away, which is probably not giving him the message of "we should meet more often because I kinda like you and am interested in you"

    • That's what I thought, but I don't mean to. It's just not comfortable for me because of how I've grown up. how do I break away from that?

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    • I cannot truly relate to that as I've only ever been interested in only one girl at a time.

      I've been attracted to multiple, sure, but interested only in one

      Maintaining multiple partners is a hassle

    • Okay thanks. :) im just going to say he's not worth it.

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  • It's not a turn off of the guy is religious, or conservative too.

    • He's not very religious, but he knows that I can be.

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  • For me, an athiest, it is probably the biggest possible turnoff. For other guys it probably is less distressing.


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  • its not a turn off.


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