Girls, do ypung women 16-24 have a negative image of young guys who shave their head bald?

I'm 20 and have TE so have to shave head cue ball bald, now I still hold my self worth and high standards on girls but I only want one in the end. Anyway point is it seems like even so much as smiling at a cute girl gets me a scowl or a disgusted snort, and it bugs me, is there really an issue with a guy who has no hair? Is it that repelling to girls? The only girls who have shown interest are ones I have no interest in and some girls have straight up laughed at my lack of hair when I approach them. Please note I'm not some player I'm respectful about it so I'm not coming off as some douche I just want to know if most girls really do view bald as bad or not dateable
  • I don't see an issue with bald, it can look good and I wouldn't mind a bald guy
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  • It is seen in a very bad light by most girls,
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  • I personally find it a major no, I'd be one of the girls giving negative responses to your advances
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Okay since it was brought up I'm white not black or into darker skinned girls so if you only view bald as good on darker skinned guys vote it's an issue for you


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  • Not an issue at all.

    • On a white guy though? I'm pretty pale, and can I ask what ethnicity you are? Seems like only darker skinned girls are into it

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  • I don't see an issue with it.

    • So you're saying you could date a bald guy

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    • So you assumed I was black then I take it?

    • No I didn't assume anything.

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