What did he mean by this in the text message "Prime of my life" ?

I met this handsome white guy earlier, he's a dew years younger than me. I was somewhat shocked that approached me.. Didn't know white guys liked black women lol. Anyway I asked his age and he asked mines and I said " I'm a old lady I'm 31 lol" He was like no don't say that. So anyway he texted me and this was his response: (I'll take that as a compliment. Also you should call yourself an old lady lol. Your in the prime of your life and look it too :-) ) Of course he texted me more stuff but I'm not posting all of that here. Also he asked to go on a hiking date tomorrow. Should I go? I am free, single.. I don't want nothing serious just broke up with my ex this February.


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  • Firstly how old is this guy? :-)
    You should feel very flattered that this younger guy had the confidence to approach you. You should feel flattered with the complements you received and younger men do like a mature older woman. Of course white guys like black women ;-)

    Secondly you should go on the hiking date with him since he's taken the time to as you. You are single, have no relationship commitments so why not go and have some fun ;-) :-)


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  • Of course we like black women we just think you don't like white men. Prime of life I take to mean peak sexiness. If you liked him go for it have fun being a hot cougar


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