What's the best way to approach a crush that doesn't really know you exist?

She is two grades below me and is a really cool person. I don't want sex I just want her to be my girlfriend. We have talked and it was really cool. I want to be romantic though and go on dates and such. The only problem is I really don't have a way to get in contact with her again without looking like a creep.


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  • you won't look like a creep trust me.


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  • Try to find a mutual friend that you bc an hang out with together or something. I was in the same situation and my closest female friend knew her so my friend planned for us three to go to lunch together so I could get to know her better. It would've worked great if it wasn't for the fact that we had previously thought that she was single, but it turns out that she has a boyfriend. That caught both my friend and I by surprise and it stung like a bitch for me. But I digress, I hope you have a much better experience than I did, but make sure she is single before wasting your time and pride!


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