Does me or she have to convert if we marry from differant race?

Im a middle eastern (speak arabic and english) and she will be korean ( speak korean) im not thinking about the marriage but in the future i woild like to go to korea and get a girlfriend there.. im just interested in that. Im peach in color with facial hair so if that would make a differance because if she will be white in color, my whole question is if a iraqi guy witch is me can befriend and probably get her as a girlfriend in the future in korea.. please respect this paragraph no matter how weird it seems


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  • no one has to convert.


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  • Why would either have to convert? Why can't she keep her beliefs and you yours

    • Yes exactly... but there isn't anything wrong if i do get a kotean girlfriend in the future?

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    • That's a stereotype that isn't always true

    • Yes i agree.. it even sais all that on the internet but i dont think its true for everyone... because in every country thered bad and goods... every person has its own choice or thoughts...

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