Girls, When is a good timeframe to stop talking to girls?

Well first off, I'm a college student. Since my first day of college i began talking to girls on campus. I have been doing everything right so far ( Approaching a girl, starting a conversation and keeping it moving along, and then asking her for coffee) So far, i have gotten two rejections and the other girl said she works at Starbucks. Yet i tried to contact her and now she's ignoring me. It took me until the 5th girl I talked to to start using this method. I seem to be doing good so far and have been handling rejection incredibly well. My question is how much longer should I keep doing this? Is there an end point where I should just stop? I'm gonna keep trying until i get a "Yes" answer but I just need to know if it's worth it because I'm really determined.
Correction: Where it says asking her for coffee, I meant to say, "Asking: "If you want to get coffee sometime?"
I'm not desperate.


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  • from what i am understanding you are on hunt for girl

    don't pursuit a relationship out of desperateness or lack of sex

    my answer is now stop now and only approach a girl for friendship and pursuit a girl when you feel 90% attracted to all of her


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