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I been dating this girl for 4 months. I love her and she loves me. It's a long distance. She goes to college 2 and half hour away. Don't say that long distance don't workout because I like her a lot. And we will workout. But she recently told me that she made a friend in Spanish, a guy friend. And well I had to ask her if she had made one!! So usually she gets 3 hour break between Classes, and today she told me they hung out because they had to practice some speech assignment. I feel very jealous. And we talked about it. That's the only time she hungout with him outside of class and she even told me without me asking about It. I trust her But the problem is. I have never seen this guy... I want to... is that weird? I was there for a whole week, spend a whole week there and not once met that guy. Is that weird? should I ask her if she has him on social media so I can go see who it really is, or should I ask her why I never met him? Would that be weird? I hope you guys understand where I am coming from and can you give me solid advice. Thank you


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  • I think you should talk to her again about it but I don't think anything is going on. Share your feelings about this with her and I think you'll be okay.


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  • you should ask her.


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