Guys, how do I get close with him?

I've liked this guy for 2 months.
The feelings I have for him grow by the day & I can't be in the same room as him, even if it's during orchestra with 80 others, without getting crazy butterflies.
1st rehearsal, I see him. I see how he acts. He's nice, really funny. Hella cute. He's also 2 years older than me.
One day, a month into barely knowing him, I accidentally added him on Facebook. I didn't know until I got a notification that I was added back.
I regretted it at first, until I messaged him. An extended paragraph, that begins & ends with apologies for sending a random message, where the basic idea is: "hey, when's rehearsal?"
He sent the message to a group chat with his friends. (A girl who knows him told me this. She does not know I like him)
He responded, also with an extended paragraph & within a speedy 5 seconds or so. (1 month ago)
Last Sunday, I messaged him again. No, it wasn't a "hey what's up" kind of thing, it was a conversation starter, an open ended question. Again, he responds quickly. We talked for an hour. My stomach was fluttering the entire time & there was no way you could wipe the grin off of my face. I cut it off, given it was late & I didn't want the conversation to run stale. He said he had fun, then said bye. That was that. It was a great conversation, he has lots of interesting things to say. (not just because I like him.)
I've spent too much time staying late thinking about him. It's very bad, I mean, I'm losing sleep!
Usually I've got it all planned out. But this is different. l've never felt so... fluttery. I have no ideas. Obviously, I don't wanna dive in head first, but I do want to start somewhere. How do I befriend him. How do I get close to him. I mean, who knows, maybe we'll end up being better as friends anyway. All I know is that he, despite what many people tell me, is an amazing person. And I really like him. I want him in my life as more than just an acquaintance, & as of now, more than a friend. What do I do?


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  • Well if you really like him more then just friends try to do stuff he likes to do and hang out with him as much as possible but not to much that you loose sleep. there's always going to be a chance you might get in the friend zone, but just try to make him think about you. If he replies fast and text you first and worries if you toke long to reply the he's into you but just go for it and don't regret anything everything happens for a reason:) Good luck


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