Rejection, and the trap of Lovesickness, can I get some help in this scenario?

So I was just rejected by this girl yesterday, and now she's completely ignoring me. She's acting as if me asking her out was an insult. She did the whole usual "Oh thanks your such a sweet guy, but I don't have the same feelings we can just be friends" routine. But now she's acting as if I'm not there, and if I ask her something she seems semi-Aggravated. I'm feeling very lovesick now. Like I threw my heart out and she crushed it!! How do I respond, I'm in much pain and semily cry as I write this. So please help me I don't know what to do!!!


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  • Success is the best revenge. Especially since you are under 18. Listen to me; Fuck her. Not have intercourse with her. Fuck her. She ain't worth a second of your sweet time. Ignore her. Really do. Just make her vanish out of your existence. Do something else you like. Lift weights. Go for a run. Listen to music. Play some music. Focus on something you like to do. And when you are feeling down listen to that dude:

    Go out there and kick. ASS! We are all behind you man. Stay strong !

    • This,
      Boom !!!

    • Thanks man this really helped out. Not only am I now inspired to work out Lol!! But your right I control my life no one does but me!! Your message was inspiring man thanks

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