He chose me over a girl he was dating should I be worried that I can't trust him?

He was dating a girl for the summer but it wasn't going well. He knew he wouldn't marry her. He met me and was friendly. He seemed to like me but didn't ask me out or make a move. I could just tell there was a thing between us.

Then a few days later he asked me out. On our second date he told me that when he met me he was at the end of a relationship. He knew it wasn't going anywhere so he finally ended it then asked me out.

He said he wanted me to know the truth. He said he wanted to start us off on an honest page and did not want to pursue me until he is free. He said he knew his relationship was ending and he really liked me so he made sure to end it and then pursue me.


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  • I do not think you should be worried that you cannot trust him. The way he is leaving his girl for you is different than dumping someone for you. Just look at how he sorted out his affairs before starting to pursue you. Dates are not always full of sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, the couple need to leave each other if it is not going well for both of them.

    There is a difference between leaving someone solely for someone else over leaving someone because their relationship is not going well and getting another girl.

    The latter case is the situation he is experiencing.

    • He liked me even before it was over I think. He said he knew he had to end it. At the end we met at a social event and we're talking a lot.
      For hours. I could tell he liked me. But he didn't kiss me or ask me out. He did get my contact info. A few days later he asked me out and then told me the truth that he had just been at the end of a relationship and that's why he didn't kiss me yet but he wanted to be honest and make sure he's free first so I'll trust him.

    • By his actions, I think he is doing the right thing to end his relationship before starting a serious relationship with you. I think he do genuinely love you after hearing your observations. Big plus marks for him that he told you the truth that he ended his relationship with his EX. This shows that he have nothing to hide and will very unlikely get back with his EX. He sounds like a very good man to me.

  • No, you should not be worried based on this.


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