Getting used by girls why do guys allow it?

few years ago i was kinda socially dumb and not so witty or as samrt as now nor as confident but things change and i realized that there are girls that use guys , who pretend to be nice and cool and just wanna get stuff from the guy and then go date someone else , but iam really amazed at how dumb these guys are why do they allow it? i know that after the first time i go somewhere with a girl if i suspect that she just wants something from me without giving me ( not sex of course ) then thats it iam done with her i will stay friends but would find an excuse to hangout with her again or get her anything , i've done before and will do it again , i have guy friends and they are my true friends i have girls who are friends but only because they live far away i dont wanna hurt them but iam not interested in female friends its against me and my principals... so guys out there why allow girls to use you? if she is not giving and just taking leave her and find someone else , sometimes you are unlucky and you get lots of these guys but seriously just dont let do that , why do so many guys let girls use them? why are you happy being a friend when you want to be more? please enlighten me i really want to know.


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What Girls Said 1

  • for the same reason, girls will stay with an asshole: for no other reason than low self esteem.
    They think they don't deserve any better or are afraid of speaking up and defend themselves.
    Some guys surely also think that if they suck up to a girl long enough, she will eventually fall in love with him or whatever. Sad thing is, that never happens. Bitches be bitches, and dickheads be dickheads...


What Guys Said 1

  • Mate, 3 main reasons are these guys are...
    1. Lonely ( massive reason )
    2. Craving female attention.
    3. Mentally weak

    • i understand the lonely reason but you're not gonna get anything if she treats as a friend and someone else as a boyfriend then iam over with her she go to her boyfriend i am not interested.

    • Yeah, some guys just don't know when to walk away..

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