Is it shallow to think that if you aren't good looking, you wouldn't date?

Hear me out. I mean, yeah, I get it, looks shouldn't matter, keyword, shouldn't but, they do. Im a realist, not an idealist, meaning I see things for the way they are, not the way they could be. And it's not like good lookin people are dull or dumb etc... It'd be wrong to assume they are, just because they're so in to how they look doesn't mean they don't have other interests, right? So, am I still wrong to think that if you aren't good looking, you wouldn't be dating?

There's a girl on here who thinks she's not pretty. It says so right on her profile, yet, she has a boyfriend, even though she's bisexual (supposedly). So I said to her, if you weren't pretty, you wouldn't have a boyfriend. I knowo should have said something about her personality butttt I don't know her, I imly know what she looks like since she has her real picture up. She never replied, I dc that she didn't, I just wanted to say that to her

I know*


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  • Sometimes it matters but other times it doesn't.


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  • It is somewhat shallow.


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