Is it normal to be annoyed when you dont get a text back?

I have been chatting/dating this guy for over a month now from online dating site. He works nightshift and can find time to text me back but sometimes he gets that busy he can't text back which i totally understand but last night i txted him about 22.54 and he didn't text back but he was on whats app at 00.27 this annoys me as he can check that but can't answer me back even if it was only a few lines explaing tht he can't chat the now and he would text tomorrow... so now i am bit peefed off and now thinking i am going to wait on him txting me now does anyone agree here? i know he is busy when he gets up as he has the kids but i think it only takes two mins for a quick text... now worried he getting cold feet? or am i just being paranoid?


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  • We are all different and plus your a woman so it's probably normal for you but personally I got other things that occupy me most of the time that I even forget I sent a text lol

    • Haha think i need to take that attitude to distract me lol

    • Lol it's quite a worth while trait to pick up on

    • thanks :)

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  • so here is the secret, at first we dont care about this as women, but then we start to get emotionally invested and all of a sudden we become vulnerable because we are putting ourselves out there. This is where we dont want to become needy we just want some reassurance which in theory shouldn't be hard to get from them but for some reason it is.

    Its more than likely he had time to reply to his friends but not you if he had a whatsapp message. My boyfriend gets busy and chooses between me and his friends and knows I will be there either way so always picks them. Yes its annoying but its a man thing.

    What I suggest is you remain patient, this way you will know where you stand with him. If it continues with no response then just say your goodbyes and leave him to it.

    I hope he messages you though because like I say, you now seem to be a little emotionally invested in this guy and I dont want you getting hurt :( x

    • Yeah i have posted a few things on here and you have answered me which i appreciate... i do like this guy but can find it so annoying that i dont know how he feels or what he wants... but i shall remain patient and see if he txts me. thanks hun x

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    • Exactly hun im the same i know what i want and how i want it but i just dont wanna scare him away or seem needy. its a tough one totally. x

    • i actually just texted a guy who called me needy a long time ago and explained it as he gets scared off so easily so he may give a girl a chance next time. He was like 'Oh really? Shit :('which means 'crap I should have given you more of a chance!'

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  • my ldr treating me as a friend when we brokeup and she says to me friends doesn't have to talk all the time and she message me after 5 day or after 4 day she reply me like this which make me soo mad I firstly thought that she is busy in something then she is not she kept doing this again and again that make me annoyed and paranoyed on her the she brokupe with me as a friend too I feeeeeeeeel good tho that she is not in my life feeling awesome really hate that girl really

  • yes of course it is normal, depending on the situation of course.


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