Fun first date ideas?

There's a guy I met about a month ago- he lives a flight away from me but we like eachother and he's visiting me for the weekend next week.
So it will kind of be like a first date
I just kind of want it to be fun and chilled- no pressure (I get nervous easily hehe). Any ideas?
Also- is sex on the 'first date' still a no no if it's a long distance thing?


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  • Well I took my last ex cliff jumping as a fun idea πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ she broke her ankle


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  • I think you should just take an activity that you like and do it together with him or teach him about it. For example if you like painting, try painting something together, or if you like riding, give him horse riding lessons. That way the date will be more interesting and he will end up knowing you better.


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