Why do people disapprove of men complaining online about their issues?

Women typically complain in real life because society allows them to.

It's socially unacceptable for men to do so, so they come here to vent.

The least people could do is at least respect their feelings here. We need some venue to expunge negative emotions.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree with you. Men are usually shamed or attacked for speaking up, while as a girl any and all things are open to whine about and be taken seriously, even if fabricated.

    I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with the constant pushing of bullshit propaganda telling everyone that we girls are perpetual victims and men are monsters. It needs to stop but it doesn't look like it will happen any time soon since even the president gets involved with pushing the lies.


Most Helpful Guy

  • "It's socially unacceptable for men to do so"

    Says who?

    There's nothing wrong with people "venting" or simply "expressing" their "frustration." Now, "other people" (especially those with sharply clashing or differing "interests") will try to "minimize" that expression, or "silence" that expression, in order to "control and dominate" the marketplace of ideas and information (i. e., the discussion).

    This isn't "exclusive" to male/female issues, but if you want to take it there, women have about a 5,000 to 6,000 year "head start" on men in...

    1. Complaining about things that negatively affect them... "to others"
    2. Demanding that others "listen" to their complaints
    3. Demanding that others "take action" or "take their complaints seriously"
    4. Using "social/emotional manipulation" to induce people into taking action
    5. Changing or creating "social norms" to induce people into taking action
    6. Using "social/emotional manipulation" to prevent "resistance"
    7. Changing or creating "social norms" to prevent "resistance"
    8. Attacking anyone who challenges their "interests"
    9. Making their "interests" socially and emotionally "defensible", so that
    10. Anyone "challenging" their "interests" can be easily "attacked," and anyone simply "not accepting" their interests can be more easily softly coerced into accepting their interests.

    Men can actually learn a great deal about politics and negotiation from studying the social and emotional "engineering" tactics of women throughout just the past 500-600 years alone.

    That aside, there's a bigger reason why: (a) men's "complaining" isn't taken seriously, and (b) men don't usually "complain."

    The primary way men "get what they want" from the world is not through "manipulation of other people." That's not to say that that's the primary way women get what they want from the world. That's simply to say that the way men "get what they want" is by "gaining power" and then "exerting that power" in order to get what they want.

    So, they go to school, they get educated to make their labor more valuable in the labor market, the leverage their effort with the value of their education and experience, and they get money. They go to the gym and diet properly to become more attractive, rather than complain about what women "should prefer that men looks like" or "should find attractive."

    They "learn" that it's "faster" to "be in control" of getting what they want, rather than to "complain and wait for others" to give it to them.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I must have missed this memo because I see both men and women complaining in every corner of the internet all of the time. People here just do it in a forum where they allow opinions from other people, and unfortunately not everyone will pat you on the butt every time you complain. There's also the issue of people who take their opportunity to vent to disrespectful lows, like attacking races and genders, which is naturally going to have negative retaliation. I suppose if you want to complain without rebut you need to do so without reading the comments.

  • No, its okay for men too. That's what it's for.


What Guys Said 4

  • Well said, although i think when men vent, and it becomes hostile it makes venting seem negative...
    Men are just supposed to just suck it up, thats why people disapprove although i think thats very unhealthy

  • If I think they're whining I disapprove whether it's a man or a woman. Men are unfairly expected to just deal with it and that's responsible for the disapproval.

  • Because you need to be stalwart and all that Bull-S.

  • I assume it is because, online, they sound like complete bitches.


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