Worste dating experience?

so i went on a dare with this guy from a dating app. and it was one of the eorse dates i have been on, it was terrible.. but he was way to, i dont know how to ecplain him..

so first of all he does not look like the guy on his pics, but i though why not give him a chance. i might have a fun time. So we had plans to play pool, but when i met him he kept asking me what i wanted to do, and when i said pool, he would suggest wathing a film at his place.. So i told him i dont go home to guys i dont know., and that he should take it personal.

I think i told him i wanted to play pool about 3 times or something before we actually went. They he bought me a beer and we played three rounds of pool, which was fun.

When we were done he asked me if i wanted to play dart, so i told him yes (we were at a place where they have pool, darts, shuffleboeards etc), and then he said he had a dart game at his place.. so i was like "oh okay...". Then he suggested watching a fill at his place again.. i tol him again that i dont go to people houes on first dates, and then he said "im not that kind of guy".. Then he tried a little different angle and asked if i was hunrgy, long story short he suggested us get take away and then go to his place.

I left after an hour.. Anywaym whats your worse dating experience?


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  • I need to ask the other guys something, do ANY of you talk about this kind of shit? Like, "worst dating experiences"? Do most of you date enough where you can actually talk about your "worst dating experiences" religiously? Cause I certainly know I don't and I have zero friends that have had enough experiences where they can actually compare, contrast and talk about it.

    I'm almost 100% certain this kind of thing is a woman-only topic that women don't realise most men don't actually experience, cause men don't get attention left, right and centre just for being men.


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  • Worst dating experience would be investing a lot into the night and spending money and only got a hug out of it.


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