Guy tried to "get me back" after not speaking to me, how should I feel?

So it's kind of an odd situiation. I met this guy online, I told him right off the bat I didn't want anything serious. He lived 8 hours away and I knew from the get go that just wasn't going to work. Now take into account I told him this up front right away!.

So we talk almost everyday, but I come to learn that he has very bad anixety and he is deeply insecure. He would want me to.. coddle him, comfort him, let him know that he's okay. He wanted me to call him sweetie and tell him I wanted him even If I didn't mean it but he just wanted me to say it. So when I did say it which was dumb on my part he'd ask me if I meant it and I would as politley as I could say... well no. He overall wanted me to build his confidence. I told him that confidence had to come from within. I can't give him confidence and don't rely on me to become confident. Overall, I became less and less keen on the idea of talking to him. I kid you not he would pick fights with me every other day. No Joke, every other day. About random things and he would twist my words to pieces.

Anyway eventually he got mad at me, accused me of using him until I found another date. Keep in mind, I was already dating other men. I told him, me and him romantically won't work, he wanted me to even move to his small town. I'm like dude... we are so not even close to that level. So anyway he stopped talking to me, said he was sick and tired of waiting around.

Flash forward to two months later. He text me saying he's going to be a dad but he broke up with the girl because they weren't right for each other. I said congrats on becoming a dad. He asked how I was doing I say good and that I'm seeing someone. He asked how serious is it, I say it's still fresh but we like each other. He does well good it's not serious I'm going to get you back... how can you get something back you never had in the first place? I say dude it's not going to work. He said okay then. And then that's it. WTF?


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  • What a jerk! Stop interacting with him henceforth, he seems to be a little off in the head.

    • Yeah that was the end of that. The way he stopped talking to me before he pissed me off so much that I imagined that if we ever spoke again I'd curse him out lol but this time I just didn't care. I wonder if me saying that made him feel salty?

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