Who has the kind of friend that dissapears when they meet someone new?

Has anyone else had that friend that when they are single they are cool to be around, they're always up for making plans and going places, but once they meet someone it's like they fall off the face of the earth. All their time and effort goes into their new significant other and that's all they are focused and worried about. Once the relationship ends, which it usually does as quickly as it started, they are crawling back looking for sympathy. Who can relate and has stories?


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  • I mean... yeah I've been there... and it sucks. My best friend got into this girl and he was terrible... Like he made us wipe in this dungeon in World of Warcraft like 5 times cuz he was texting her... he straight up stopped moving in the middle of a Resident Evil level and got auled by a dog...
    I mean... the girl was like major issues, so I get he didn't want to ignore her while she was depressed, but he just kept fucking us over not going with us to places, straight ditching me
    Annnd then she ditched him for her ex and we all had to fix him back up lol... it was bad... Now he's avoiding her cuz he acknowldged the problem and she's single again cuz her ex went back to beating her... fun times... but not really...
    I mean I guess on a certain point I see why one would commit like that... I mean your friends are liikely all gonna go there own way, but the person you start a family with? that's important... sometimes you do gotta take a chance to see if that person is there... I don't know I understand it a bit...


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  • I have a friend who is like that, I just understand the kind of person he is


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  • I cannot relate or think of anyone to relate with.


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