She said she's not sureif she likes more than a friend and has a bf?

can a girl really be unsure about her feelings? or is she letting me down nicely? she still flirts with me. anyway what should i do? move on and hope she comes back? its up to her to make a move now right?


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  • Sometimes we are confuse and we don't know who we like until it is too late.


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  • She has a boyfriend! That should be the only reason you need to move on!

    • Girls having a boyfriend don't really stop them from fucking other dudes though. Chicks do that on down low plenty of times.

    • @Roostah Indeed, but he shouldn't pine away or hold out hoping she's one of those chicks, just in case she isn't and he's missing out on single chicks.

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  • I would move on after she said that.


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