I told my friend I liked him through text, but he wants to respond in person. What should I do now? Do you think he likes me?

(Tl;dr: We've been good friends for awhile but I finally told him how I felt through text. He wants to reply to me in person, but we don't see each other frequently. What should I do?)
Just to have a little background, I've known this guy for a long time because our families our friends, but actually we actually started getting close about 3 years ago. Within those 3 years we became close because we had a circle of friends outside of school that would hangout occasionally. Since then, we decided talk outside of the group and text each other sometimes. We're both juniors in different high schools, but we're able to see each other once in awhile because of our families and friends. He's a really nice guy and we have a lot of the same interests. We flirt with each other through text and whenever we see each other. I feel like I can be myself and pretty much talk about anything with him. Over the years, my feelings wavered. There were times where I thought I didn't like him anymore, but the feelings came back whenever we talked. I've liked him ever since we got close 3 years ago and I feel like it's the same for him too.

Leading to the main story, we were texting each other like we usually do. Apparently our topic was about girls and so he started to say something. He started talking about how he liked this girl for a long time and that he was always trying to get her to like him back. He felt like this girl would never look back at him and would eventually find someone else. He followed it up by saying not to worry about it and that he was just venting.

Long story short, I felt it was the right moment to tell him how I felt, but told him he didn't have to respond yet. He replied saying "___, can I tell you in person?". I replied saying that it was fine and that I could wait. So we basically ended it off right there and he said "Thank you for a lot of things". I'm not really sure what to do now because we probably won't see each other for aw


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  • Give him the chance to respond in person, I bet he will say he is into you. If he wasn't then why waste time.


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