Why would a guy have Skype sex with another girl than his girlfriend?

please guys (and girls) clarify this for me...

a guy, who is considered as intelligent jerks off to another girl that he meets also in real life (but only as friends)

why do guys need validation from other girls?
if he does it, does he love his girlfriend? I can't believe a guy loves his so if he jerks off to someone else...


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  • To summarize it all in one word: Curiosity
    Seeing something new, or an experience with someone new, is thrilling, because it's out of curiosity.

    • but do you love your girlfriend if you are doing it? i think people in a relationship shouldn't do it...

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    • you are only 18... you might actually change.. so there is a chance for you.

      but i dont believe "older" cheaters will stop from cheating.. if someone at 30 is like that, he won't change his personality in future...

      as opposed to your girlfriend, i probably would not forgive a cheater as i could never again trust him the same waay... and if he has to make it "good" he will have to face the consequences...

      i couldnt let my boyfriend just go away with...

    • Tbh, im still working to build our trust again because she doesn't trust me the same way as before.

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  • guys are never faithful.


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  • i dont know about that guy but i would not do this if i m in true relationship

  • to boost our egos

    • women dont like insecure guys

  • Insecure guys need validation.. Honestly that being said he is doing it to get off and not validation. We can jerk off 2 anything. Your girl obviously isn't satisfying him in bed. Blame it on your friend on not him.. Girls don't even know how to ride the D today but think that laying there like a dead fish is ok. This dude has every right to jerk his dink to anything he pleases.

  • ... because sex...


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