How could I get her back?

The girl i love and i broke up 7 months ago and i want her back desperately. She got into a rebound relationship and was with the douchebag up until a week or so ago. How long should i wait to try and get her back? How do i get her back?


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  • There are a few things that would come in handy to fully know your situation... like:
    -who broke up with who
    -what was the breakup over
    - was there any contact in the 7 months

    But you know what, it doesn't matter... what does is this...

    Get a game plan, a get your ex back strategy and waste no time in trying to get her back ( if you didn't cheat or anything). Simple text saying hi... can even being a start. Slow and steady wins the race, especially here, but the race must start lol. Getting back with you must be better this time around for her, in her eyes.

    Good luck my dude

    • Well she broke up with me, and though i never really got a direct answer i think i got too serious for her, too fast, yes there was quite a bit of contact in the middle but not a whole lot the last month and a half

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    • Good guess on social media 😅
      Also thank you for replying with such good and useful info. Anything else you suggest?

    • Oh wow, sorry didn't catch you reply back lol. Um... nope, nothing else comes to mind. Just be honest with yourself, and her about your feelings when the time comes.

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  • give her time to miss you.

    • Seven months is a long time though

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  • You can't, so get the fuck over her and talk to one of the other 3.5 billion women on the planet.

  • If you broke up seven months ago, that particular ship has already sailed, I'm afraid.

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