Why do guys act different when they are with their friends and then diffirently with their girlfriend?

This is just something I'm starting to notice in my boyfriend.

We have been together for 7 amazing months (almost 8) and he is the most loving person ever. He always gives me kisses and tells me he loves me, and is kinda clingy but in the cute way.

But he acts so different around me when we are with friends or out in public with someone. He refuses to hold my hand (only for a split second), I'm lucky if he even touches my leg during lunch, and he mumbles "love you too" when I say it before I leave for class. He seems annoyed with me at school but when we are alone together he can't keep his hands off of me (like holding me and kissing my forehead).

Why do guys do this?


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  • He doesn't want to get made fun of by his friends. He views public display of affection as embarrassing or weakness.


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  • do you really want him to treat you like one of the guys? and be as obnoxious as he probably is with them? or gross everyone out with PDA?

    it's called situational behaviorisms. it's a good thing.

    • Thank you! I was just worried like I was doing something wrong because he seemed annoyed

    • if he starts pushing you away that's a bad sign. some people ( myself included) just aren't into pda