Is my girlfriend embarrassed?

I'm a guy and we've been together for 4 months. She's my first girlfriend because I'm nice, poor, hate myself, wear glasses, ugly, have CF so I'm infertile, out of shape but I try very hard at gym to get into shape but so far only my arms look for, and have a 40 year lifespan. I've been rejected twice, both rejections happened in only a two year span. She's by far the most beautiful, and sweetest girl I've ever seen. At first I thought I had no chance, but I asked her out anyways and she smiled and said yes. She won't hold my hand in public, but she'll hold my hand, touch me, kiss me, etc all the time when we're in a private place. Yesterday I talked to her about it and I asked if she was embarrassed of me and she said no. Why won't she hold my hand, kiss me or do anything like that in public?


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  • she's embarassed it sounds like.


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  • she's prob a private person and shy to be seen around others maken LUV?


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  • Some people aren't into PDA.

    And it sounds like you're projecting your own thoughts and insecurities onto her. Which, of course, means your relationship is guaranteed to fail.

  • Maybe she just doesn't like PDA. If she iniciates kissing and other things when you're alone, I think you don't need to worry. :)

    • Oh, and not to mention you've been together for 4 months. If she wasn't attracted to you, you wouldn't be together for so long. You should trust in yourself more. Good luck :)

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  • Why did you start this off with "I'm a guy"? And what is CF? And to aswer your question some people aren't into pda.