Why did she let go of my hand? Please Answer?

I'm a guy, I'm 16 a junior in high school. There's this beautiful girl Crystal I really like. She's in my civics class and last Monday I saw her at lunch, she was always inside so I never saw her until then cause I'm always outside during lunch. I just want to set the tone, I've never had a girlfriend and have been rejected twice in two years. I've been striving to get as fit as possible, pain isn't a factor for me, only getting stronger is. To be specific me and Crystal met in civics two weeks ago and now we hang out outside during lunch. My female friend Alex who knows Crystal said she's single, so I will take the shot. Anyways, today when we were outside during lunch next to each other I put my hand against hers and she played along and we linked fingers. It was really nice but when my friend Alysha was coming she let go. Why did she let go? Is she embarrassed?


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  • she got shy maybe.


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