Girls, So many guys offer a girl his jacket to wear on a date if she's cold. Does anyone actually wear it?

Personally I don't because I would look ridiculous walking down the street wearing a mens jacket that is 10 times too big for me. Yet so many men insist that I wear it even though I told them I don't want to..


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  • You're worried about how you look? I feel cute when I'm in big clothes, especially a guys ☺️

    • I would be worried about how I look if I was wearing his jacket.

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    • If you're cold and someone offers you a jacket, why wouldn't you take it just because it's not your style? No one who sees you is going to think "wow that lady has terrible taste in jackets LOL!" They're going to think "aw what a nice guy giving the girl his jacket ☺️"

    • Wow you're really passionate about this aren't you

  • Um, I'm always cold and id always rather not be, so yes I'd wear it

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